We supply a wide range of products for mining, construction, and railroad industry operations and repair shops. Here is a sampling:

Wear parts: cutting edges and bits and hardware to install.

WHITMORE Lubes and cleaners. Check out www.whitmores.com for all we can supply.

Spare parts kits or piece by piece. Part numbers appreciated, but not always necessary. Complete model and serial number required if you don’t supply part numbers.

Service Manuals and Parts Books: Loads of Caterpillar books and a smattering of Detroit, Volvo, Komatsu, Mitsubishi, and a few others. Most of these are used but usable books but even the new ones are much less than OEM new books.

Safety and environmental: We’ve been helping with oil spill clean up and safety products for years. Let us quote your needs.

No store? No problem!


Every shop needs parts, lubes, clean up, safety, and environmental supplies as well as tools.

New and used ‘stuff’ available. Contact Dani at chilloutalaska@gmail.com